Introduction to CodeGen

CodeGen is a tool that Synergy/DE developers can use to generate source code and other types of content based on the meta-data stored in a Synergy Repository. Having been developed over a period of several years, CodeGen was first published as an open source project in May 2012.

CodeGen was primarily developed to generate Synergy DBL source code, but can also be used to generate code for a variety of other programming languages such as C#, Visual Basic and Objective-C. CodeGen can also be used to generate many other types of content, such as HTML, XML and XAML.



CodeGen is developed using Visual Studio 2015 and the Synergy .NET development environment. In order to build or use CodeGen you MUST have a Synergy Development Environment and the latest version of Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio installed. For information on how to get started with CodeGen, refer to the documentation.

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